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Note: The articles below were written years ago (mostly ~2000-2005). For more recent writings, visit the blog.

Omniscience, or How To Kill The Buddha When You Are Him
"If you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha." -Lin Chi, Zen Master

Drawing Hands
Who authors the author? A fugue without answer.

My Loperblog
What is a Loperblog, you might ask? Well, let me tell you...

Flash-fiction. "And now they are here on our lightly-armed research and supply vessel. I might not live through the day."

The Fight For Freedom [First Five Chapters]
The start of a fantasy novel [unfortunately] set in the Ultima Online universe. An honest man is pulled into war.

The Creation
Lighthearted little cosmogony done in high school for a mythology class: the origins of modern gods.

Diary of an Olympic Speed-walker
Speed-walking is an actual Olympic sport. No, seriously, walking fast is in the Olympics. I'm not kidding.

Flash Fiction Humor
A bunch of short, random writings intended to induce laughter in, or at least offend, the reader.

Intro to Semiotics: Funny Signs
Some signs are elegantly straightforward. Others, not so much. Some fun examples.

Haiku, Scifaiku and Impromptaiku
A collection of my haiku poems, updated periodically rarely.

Review: Dhalgren, by Samuel Delany
An attempt to make sense of this huge, mind-boggling work, and a theory or two.

Links (Offsite)

"They're Made Out Of Meat" - by Terry Bisson. Short, entertaining and very cool.
"Is God A Taoist?" - by Raymond Smullyan (buy The Tao Is Silent for more).
Fusion Anomaly - Lots of science fiction info and links, on an unfortunately hard to read background.
Speculative Fiction - Free online sci-fi and spec-fic.
The Elements of Style - The bible of grammar, by Strunk and White.