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July 29, 2003 top

The Decaying Freedom page was updated with information about the Pentagon's LifeLog project.

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July 15, 2003 top
Well, a bit of a page overhaul was uploaded today. I got rid of the pictures page and most of its content, and I re-distributed the rest to where they belonged. I decided to ditch the midis I'd picked out for each page. It seems they weren't being used anyway, and it cluttered the top of the page, not to mention taking up a couple megs of my limited webspace (at five bucks a year I can't complain though). I also ditched the links section and instead expanded and updated the links in the other sections (like philosophy and freethought) to be more interesting. The bio page was moved to the index page and taken off the navigation bar, and it's been completely redone to be a little more interesting, since no one cares about my favorite brand of wall paint or what sports I played for a couple weeks as a kid. The gaming page is gone - not sure why it was there in the first place - but at some point I may slip in some Starcraft pics/replays somewhere, unless I can break the habit. The writings section became the fiction section, and I added a new section for politics.

I also added a new article to the freethought page called The Death of Design, dealing with the modern cosmological fine-tuning argument for intelligent design. And I posted an essay (by Bob Black, not myself) in the politics section called The Abolition of Work. Also, as you might have noticed, there's a new background. Let me know if it makes things easier or harder to read (or just point me to a page with a background you think is easier on the eyes), or if you think I should just leave the background plain white.

Anyway, apologies for the lack of updates recently. Aside from working on this overhaul as I had time, we've been repainting the interior of our house, I've been LAN-gaming with some friends at night, and I've been hooked on my new Gameboy Advance SP system (Metroid Fusion is fun for a nostalgic kick; Golden Sun is an okay old-school RPG with a disappointing "to be continued" ending; and the turned-based strategy game Advance Wars II is incredibly challenging and fun - like a simpler version of chess with more pieces). Oh, and I've been rewatching a wonderfully entertaining and depraved cartoon series called Invader Zim (download episodes here for free). One of the characters, GIR, is absolutely brilliant. Good absurd/humorous/sick fun. It's a wonder how they got it on Nickelodeon in the first place. The bad news is Nick subsequently pulled it despite huge success (Sept. 11 [over]reaction has been mentioned as one part of the reason), but there are other episodes made which I imagine will get aired at some point. They damn well should.

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