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Word of the Day: Compersion

Compersion, n. 1. The opposite of jealousy. 2. The positive feelings one gets when a lover is enjoying another relationship. The term compersion originally comes from the polyamory community, where people may have multiple intimate relationships at the same time, … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Benevolent Sexism

Hostile and Benevolent Sexism Everyone is familiar with hostile sexism: the rude jokes, discrimination, harassment, and explicit opinions of gender inferiority. In general, this attitude is condemned in our society, and laws are in place to at least try to … Continue reading

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Social Chameleons

Some people are great at self-monitoring in social situations. They attenuate their behavior based on the social dynamic they are in, engage in impression management, tend to be concerned with the appropriateness of their actions, and adapt well to different … Continue reading

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